Project Coordination

Project Coordination Services

Principle Activities of PPC

The project coordination services is an extension of our research and consultancy. We may be appointed to either coordinate the development or be part of the project team to continually advise on the development process and market trends as construction is in progress. Our input in the project team is essential so that the end product is designed and built according to legal requirements and market preferences.

When PPC is appointed to coordinate the project our primary objective is to ensure satisfactory completion within proper limits of the development budget and schedule. We report directly to the owner and act as their representatives in managing either new construction, expansions or refurbishment.

We liaise with the architects, engineers, quantity surveyors and other consultants and prepare clear and concise reports to the owner encompassing relevant information critical for decision-making. The owner is kept informed of every step in the development process. We organise consultant meetings, implement the development programme, conduct site visits and prepare budgets.

We closely oversee the construction progress during development and maintain relationship between the developer and prospective purchasers or tenants. The projects coordinator become an integral part of the owner’s organisation and provides necessary technical know how and management skills to ensure efficient and effective project implementation from concept stage to final completion.