Property Valuations

Property Valuations

Principle Activities of PPC

Property Valuation has been for the formative years the cornerstone of our business. A Valuation may be required for various purposes such as for Asset Management / Corporate Strategy, Purchase, Sale, Joint Venture and Tender, Lending, Mortgage and Auction, Balance Sheet, submission to the Securities Commission / Floatation and Corporate Finance, Merger and Takeovers, Insurance, Taxation / Rating, Receivership / Liquidation, Compulsory Government Acquisition, Rent Reviews and Arbitration, submission to the Foreign Investment Committee or for any other purpose required by any person or company.

Our professionalism and reputation are very important to us and we work hard at maintaining the highest standard of integrity and performance. Our Valuation Department has several well-qualified valuers and staff with good market knowledge which gives them sensitivity to respond quickly to any shift in property market conditions.

In order to provide a Valuation at current market levels, close liaison is maintained with our frontline agency, investment and development colleagues. Confidentiality of values quoted and information given in a highly secure working environment is assured. Independence of thought and action is important to us.

Various types of properties that have been valued by us varies from residential properties to commercial, industrial and agricultural properties as well as specialised properties such as plant and machinery.