Property and Facility Management

Partners of PPC are qualified and experienced on all aspects of commercial, industrial, retail and residential property management to ensure efficient operation of a building for optimum return. Client is always kept fully informed and carefully analyzed solutions and recommendations are continually make in order to maintain the property’s competitive edge.

Property management include ‘the management, maintenance and control of any land, building and any interest therein, excluding the management and maintenance of property-based businesses, on behalf of the owner for a fee’

The key aspects of property management services include:
  • To monitor outgoings for the property and making payments out of the income from the property
  • Preparing budgets and maintaining the financial record of the property
  • Enforcing the terms of leases and other agreements pertaining of the property
  • Advising on sale and purchase decisions
  • Advising insurance matters
  • Advising on the necessity for upgrading the property or for the merging of interests