Property Research
Principle Activities of PPC Our Research and Consultancy services aims to provide developers and investors with good market knowledge and minimise downside risks associated with property development and investment.

The forecasting of future trends, based upon supply and demand projections is a critical tool in timing of property investment decisions. Research can sort out fact from fiction. Various research and studies have been undertaken for all types of development and types of properties such as offices, hotels, condominiums/apartments, factories, warehouses, service apartments, shopping centres, golf courses and residential units.

PPC conducts the various types of research and studies including Site/Property Analysis, Market Studies, Marketability Studies, Financial analysis and detailed cash flows and Feasibility Studies

These entails site and project appraisals, market and feasibility studies, preparation of designs and development brief, highest and best use analysis, sensitivity analysis, cost/benefit analysis and viability analysis to arrive at profit ratios, yields, internal rate of return, net present value and other measures of return.

Our consultancy services provide independent advice on all aspects of the development process to answer the ultimate development question – what, when and where to build?

Our consultancy services do not necessarily cease at the delivery of our completed study. The Consultancy Department may be retained to provide continuous advice and assistance needed to take the development from inception to completion. Our major objective is to improve quality, quantity and the timeliness of advice to clients.